Quality & EnvironmentA Love of Food

People who are passionate about what they do can be found all over the world. We can have different ways of thinking, and different customs and cultures, but one thing is certain, if you have a love for the thing you do, the result will be good. We believe in a world where knowledge is shared in order to work together towards sustainable food production.

Supplier assessments are carried out by our suppliers and producers. The majority are quality assured in compliance with ISO 9001:2000 or BRC. When we find a producer or supplier who meets our expectations, we foster this relationship and build up a long-term collaboration with a particular focus on quality and stability.

Food has a great impact on the environment; we take this into consideration at every stage in the process. We take into account human health, culture and tradition, and ensure that food is produced and transported in the most effective way possible. A good logistics and purchasing plan also means that very little food is thrown away.

Regular monitoring of our operations and facilities are carried out both by the Environment Department in the county of Stockholm and by our external veterinarian. In addition, we also carry out internal inspections and quality control checks. On selected products, prepared raw and in some cases already tested, we choose to carry out our own random spot checks (microbiological analysis).

Cooperation Partners
With regard to environmental and quality matters, we collaborate with Food Safety AB.